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Available Data Feeds

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Insider Activity

  • 1M+ Disclosures
  • 14,000+ Companies
  • Since 2004

Insider Overview

All Form 4 filings including Table 2 and footnotes to isolate discretionary transactions.

Identify 10b5-1 disclosures, options related to sales, margin related sales with granular details around plan initiation dates, strike prices, and more.

Nearly 50 datapoints per transaction.

Management Changes

  • 390k Disclosures
  • 7,500 Companies
  • Since 2004

Mgmt Changes Overview

All management changes and active board composition for companies going back to 2004.

Includes nearly 40 datapoints such as: effective date, reason for departure, full title, and more.

Unique identifier for each insider allows for easy mapping to past company affiliations.

Company Buybacks

  • 120k+ Disclosures
  • 5,500+ Companies
  • Since 2004

Buybacks Overview

Over $13T in repurchases with feeds including buyback initiations, buyback revisions, quarterly repurchases, and accelerated share repurchases (ASRs).

Verity parsing technology and in-house data experts validate information from 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, press releases, & more.

At-the-Market Offerings

  • 11,700+ Disclosures
  • 1,400+ Companies
  • Since 2015

ATMs Overview

Track the entire ATM lifecycle from initial offering through subsequent stock sales.

Surface companies selling shares through ATMs.

Feed includes selling agents, commission rates, and more.

Institutional Holdings

  • 71M+ Disclosures
  • 18,800+ Funds
  • Since 2007

Holdings Overview

Aggregate quarterly buying/selling trends of peers & competitors with this feed containing 13F, 13G, and 13D holdings since 2007.

Unlike other services, you can also access puts, calls, and debt holdings.

Equity Grants

  • 2.1M+ Disclosures
  • 12,000 Companies
  • Since 2004

Grants Overview

Includes unique datapoints, such as type of grant (restricted stock, deferred comp, stock options, and more), cause (hire, promotion, performance), and expiration dates.

Company Filings

  • 150,000 10-K, 10-Q, SPAC, & IPO Filings
  • 5,000+ Companies
  • Since 2014

Filings Overview

Clean, accurate, & structured SEC filings  with structured text of nearly 150,000 10-K,10-Q, IPO, and SPAC filings organized by millions of structured sections.

Published filings are processed by proprietary parsing technology, reviewed by our team of analysts, and made available quickly.

Delivered via API

Form 144s

  • 30,000 Disclosures 
  • 5,000+ Companies
  • Since 2023

Form 144 Overview

A nuanced datapoint for understanding intent to sell restricted or control securities valued at over $50,000 or comprising more than 5,000 shares within a 90-day period following the filing.

Available via Snowflake

Also available via FTP.

Snowflake Overview

All datasets except Company Filings available within Snowflake or via FTP.

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