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Drive faster idea generation, decision-making, and confidence. Take advantage of the highest-integrity data, analytics, and propriety research covering the universe of insider activity.

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Quickly generate ideas & build conviction with access to highest-integrity insider data & analytics plus 2,500 research briefs delivered annually by VerityData experts.

Generate Differentiated Ideas

  • Screener powers multi-factor idea generation.
  • Excel templates offer advanced analysis.

Monitor Confidently

  • Manage positions confidently with a more-diverse data mosaic.
  • Get intelligence delivered regularly via email and/or custom feeds.

Stop Losing Time

  • Get to decisions faster with automated alerts & research briefs from Verity analysts.
  • Let Verity analysts review all valuation-based activity daily, so you don't have to.

"As investors, the most valuable insight we can get from an outside vendor is context on companies that we invest in. VerityData tells me what makes a datapoint special or unique across decades of similar datapoints."

Alex Greenberg

Managing Partner, Crossroads Partners

Powerful screening tools, automatic alerts, and proprietary research combine with best-in-class datasets for a solution you won't find anywhere else.

Insider Activity

  • Harness 18 years of the highest-integrity insider data & research.
  • Isolate most-meaningful behaviors in 10b5-1, Form 4s, and more.
  • Identify deviations & red flags with research briefs and unusual event alerts.

Stock Buybacks

  • Make sense of $10T repurchased with 15-year history.
  • Stay on top of ASRs, intra-quarter updates, other timely disclosures
  • Analyze buybacks and insider buying, CEO/CFO changes & more.

Management Changes

  • Monitor all mgmt changes buried in SEC disclosures across 5k+ companies.
  • Speed due diligence with detailed histories, timelines,& board compositions.
  • Get customized reports with notable hires and unexpected departures.

At-the-Market Offerings

  • Track the entire ATM lifecycle from initial offering through subsequent stock sales.
  • Quickly find companies selling shares through ATMs.
  • Investigate selling agents, commission rates, and more.

Institutional Ownership

  • Benchmark your fund holdings against peers.
  • Aggregate quarterly buying/selling trends of peers & competitors.
  • Screen all 13F activity for advanced concepts like biggest portfolio bet and more.

*NEW* Equity Grants

  • Harvest insights from 2M equity grant transactions over 16 years.
  • Spot outliers and deviations in award cadence and methods.
  • Mine for details or zoom out for year-over-year trends.


Also Available: Data Feeds for Your Models

Build stronger quantitative & analytical models with a differentiated selection of data feeds available from Verity.

Discover how pristine, structured data can fuel your models

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