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Verity helps direct investment firms reduce inefficiency and risk with high-performance products built for purpose. From startups to global multi-strategy funds. Whether public equity, fixed income, private equity, or a hybrid model.

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Verity Platform: One secure, accessible place for teams to create and collaborate on research.
VerityData — Actionable Selling Research Brief: 1 of 2,500+ annual briefs alerting clients of unusual insider behavior.
VerityRMS — Workflow Tracker: Quickly create dashboards to stay on top of latest developments.
VerityESG — Automated Reporting: One-click, client-ready reporting on engagements.
VerityData — 10-K/10-Q Heatmap View: Direct your focus to the biggest, most severe changes to your coverage universe.

Public Equity

Investment research teams at the world's leading asset managers rely on the full-suite of Verity solutions to improve productivity and accelerate fund performance.

Products: VerityRMS, VerityESG, VerityData

  • Generate differentiated ideas
  • Monitor portfolios
  • Speed research workflows
  • Automate compliance & reporting
  • Track ESG engagements
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VerityRMS for Fixed Income — Tearsheets: Automatically collect the latest data on any issuer.
VerityRMS for Fixed Income — Notes: Author and organize research within issuer hierarchies.
VerityRMS for Fixed Income — Dashboards: Track ratings, analyst updates, and more — at the portfolio level and the coverage universe.

Fixed Income

Fixed income funds accelerate decision-making when credit analysts & portfolio managers can author, visualize, and report on investment research across complex issuer hierarchies.

Products: VerityRMS for Fixed Income

  • Visualize pipeline & portfolio
  • Organize by issuer hierarchies
  • Automate reporting & compliance
  • Search & find content quickly
  • Centralize & secure research
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VerityRMS for Private Equity — Tearsheet View: Move faster with one system for deal and relationship knowledge.
VerityRMS for Private Equity — Dashboard View: Visualize progress on deals. Click in for context.

Private Equity

When deal teams have 24/7 access to the firm's proprietary knowledge — along with all the data & context that matters — private equity firms can outperform their rivals.

Products: VerityRMS for Private Equity

  • Streamline deal flows
  • Manage relationships
  • Organize notes & documents
  • Find content instantly
  • Don't lose an insight
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VerityRMS — Comment Threads: Empower real-time collaboration at scale across the firm's teams.
VerityData — Investment teams generate ideas & manage risk efficiently with VerityData.
VerityRMS for Private Equity — Custom Tearsheet View: Teams can create views & dashboards customized to their needs.
VerityRMS — Office Add-In: IT can centralize & secure research while individual teams use preferred tools.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid firms excel when they have a single technology partner to help scale and optimize performance across both public and private investment teams.

Products: VerityRMS, VerityESG, VerityData

  • Centralize and secure IP firm-wide
  • Meet individual team workflow needs
  • Scale research productivity
  • Drive best practices
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