VerityData inFilings API

Power LLM efforts, improve data models, and more with clean, accurate, and structured SEC filings available through the powerful VerityData | inFilings API.

Clean, accurate, & structured SEC filings ready for your LLM efforts, NLP, sentiment scores, disclosure comparisons, and more.

For Data Science Teams

Slice, segment, and mine data across 10-K/Q sections with a time-saving dataset. Perform entity analysis. Research specific themes. See trends in sentiment.

For 3rd Party Applications

Embed structured filings within an internal application. For example, risk factor sections of 10-Ks/Qs —with redlines — into a risk management application.

For Large Language Models

Power up your LLMs with a diverse dataset for training. Improve the accuracy and relevance of your models with timely, high-quality data.

Complete Filings From Over 5,000 Companies

Access structured text of nearly 150,000 10-K,10-Q, IPO, and SPAC filings organized by millions of structured sections. Complete history goes back to 2014 and includes over 5,000 companies.

  • 40,000+ Structured 10-K Filings
  • 100,000+ Structured 10-Q Filings
  • 5,000+ Structured IPO Filings

Fast, Analyst-Reviewed Data Intake

Systematic intake process includes layers of human oversight and intervention to ensure accuracy. Published filings are processed by proprietary parsing technology, reviewed by our team of analysts, and made available to customers quickly.

Want Access to Better Filings Data?

Accelerate analysis with clean, structured, and exclusive data available through the inFilings API.

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