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Search, discover, and monitor public disclosures with the platform that helps institutional investors accelerate analysis with clean, structured, and exclusive data.

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Take quick action on the most meaningful events across a wide range of disclosures with clean, structured, and exclusive data.

Optimized Public Filings & Data

  • 10-K/10-Qs
  • Proxies
  • Transcripts. Boosted by AI.
  • Press Releases

Exclusive Data & Analysis

  • SPACs & IPOs & Lockups
  • Peer Groups
  • Critical Audit Matters
  • Risk Factors

Clickable Heatmaps & Alerts

Alerts and heatmaps help you speed analysis. Like when a new legal proceeding is disclosed. Dive into details with a click.

Redlines & Historical Comparisons

Compare any section of a filing with help from industry-leading redlines (pictured). Get up to speed quickly with comparisons side-by-side and over 5 years.

GenAI Summaries

Are you missing anything? What should you prioritize? Get informed and act quickly during earnings season. Includes GenAI earnings transcript summaries and GenAI summaries of the MD&A portion of 10-K/10-Qs.

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Smart Search & Filtering

Powerful search connects you to exactly what you’re looking for. Search synonyms gather everything on a specific topic. Limit searches to specific disclosure or filing types.

Visual Portfolio Tracking

Prioritize tickers that need attention. Visualize trends across the portfolio. Generate ideas quickly— across earnings, proxy, 8-Ks, and more.

Automated Email Summaries

Receive daily 8-Ks digest and IPO summaries as well as weekly risk factor insights. Access important activities with a click.

Powerful API

Clean, accurate, & structured SEC filings ready for your NLP, sentiment scores, disclosure comparisons, and more.

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