Investment Research Compliance Software

Accelerate compliance with VerityRMS. Manage, monitor, and demonstrate compliance — without disrupting your research team.

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Accelerate fund compliance with the RMS that makes it easy to manage, monitor, and demonstrate compliance best practices.


  • Demonstrate compliance with a click of the mouse.
  • Run detailed reports in seconds.


  • Automate workflows for seamless compliance.
  • Monitor activity with custom alerts.

No Disruptions

  • Achieve compliance without creating friction with research teams.
  • Get compliance out-of-the-box and customize as deeply as you need.

Track & Report in Seconds

Reporting capabilities gather everything you need. See who met with whom, when, and what was discussed. Run a report on any security or analyst across specific date ranges, including all attachments and notes, in mere seconds. VerityRMS supports time-accurate versioning of all research.

Monitor Automatically

Get alerts if/when an analyst is doing work on certain companies. With highly configurable templates and dashboards, compliance teams capture details on securities, contacts, MNPI disclosures, as well as broker, management, and expert network interactions, and more.

Build Compliance Culture

Stay on top of securities restrictions with dedicated workflows for managing restricted lists and communicating with investment teams. Compliance team members and fund management stay on top of research being downloaded or shared externally via alerts and activity dashboards.


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