Apr 24, 2023

Corporate Insiders Step Up Stock Buying After Banking Turmoil

VerityData Insider Buying

Verity Director of Research Ben Silverman, along with insights gleaned from VerityData, was featured in numerous publications after corporate insiders raced to buy shares of their own companies after the spring 2023 banking crisis. Excerpt

Investors often pay attention to trading action reported by corporate insiders because executives and board members typically have greater insight into their companies’ outlook. Insiders often time the market well; they bought en masse in March 2020 when stocks plunged at the onset of the pandemic and enjoyed the subsequent rally.
Many insider sales are made on predetermined schedules to avoid the appearance of illegal trading on nonpublic information, but Mr. Silverman said VerityData focuses on transactions that weren’t planned in advance in order to better reflect real-time sentiment. Officers, directors and major shareholders of publicly traded companies in the U.S. are required to disclose most trading activity involving their firm’s shares within two business days of the transaction.”

The Street

What to Make Out of the Increase in Insider Stock Buying

Business Insider

Corporate Insiders Are Loading Up on Their Own Shares Following Banking Turmoil 

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