Jun 03, 2022

VerityData to CNBC: Sheryl Sandberg ‘One of the Biggest Insider Sellers’

VerityData FB Meta Insider Selling

Sandberg announced that she is stepping down from her role as chief operating officer after 14 years at Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

Over the past decade, Sandberg has sold over 75% of her after-tax shares through regularly scheduled share sale programs. In total, she sold over 22 million shares for more than $1.7 billion, according to VerityData.

“Her sales over the past decade makes her one of the biggest insider sellers at any U.S. company,” said Ben Silverman, director of research at VerityData.

Sandberg’s average stock sale price over the past decade was $79.10 per share, according to VerityData, with her most recent sale in October 2019.

The story was also referenced and quoted in the New York Post.

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