No Code Toolkit Introduction

VerityRMS provides a No Code Toolkit (NCT) for customers to share financial information in the form of notes and dashboards. The toolkit is documented in the following help topics:

  • Core Data Model
  • Customer Data Model
  • Data Sources
  • Dashboards
  • Templates
  • Tips and Tricks

Your VerityRMS data is stored in the database in various tables. There is a Core Data Model that stores pieces of the data, and VerityRMS exposes a subset of that data for you, the customer, to work with, and that exposed subset is what is described in the Core Data Model topic. There is also a Custom Data Model that is an extension of this core data model, comprising columns that you, the customer, add to the notes table, and custom tables to which you add custom columns for use in dashboards (via SQL joins) and with templates you can add for them. Guidelines for adding custom columns and custom tables are given in the Custom Data Model topic.

The Core Data Model columns’ structure is read-only. That is, though you can change the data stored in a column in the core data model (for example, the title of a note), the structure of the core column itself is fixed, and controlled only by VerityRMS. The Custom Data Model columns are created and controlled by you, the customer. The core data model stores everything you do in the system, and a lot of this data is internal or hidden for security purposes. What is exposed is that you need to create dashboards and templates.

You also have Data Sources for extracting this data from the data store. These are described in the Data Sources topic.

The extracted data is used to create Dashboards and Templates. Dashboards are the reporting facility, a graphical presentation of the data fetched from the data sources. Templates are your update facility. Templates can define the forms presented to users when they compose notes. Dashboards are covered in the Dashboards topic and Templates in the Templates topic.

The toolkit help also includes a topic with Tips and Tricks for creating advanced data presentations.

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