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Popular VerityRMS Integrations

VerityRMS adapts to your process with more integrations than any other RMS provider. Below, a selection of our most-popular integrations.

Individual Productivity Author & share seamlessly with VerityRMS.

Users view VerityRMS as the all-in-one productivity environment for taking notes, drafting memos, and more. But with powerful add-ins — like the full suite of Microsoft apps (Office, OneNote) — analysts and PMs can also use other preferred productivity tools.

Whether using VerityRMS or 3rd-party solutions, funds across equity, hybrid, and fixed income asset classes benefit from a purpose-built repository that:

  • Captures necessary context (tags and other metadata).
  • Adds structure to your system.
  • Streamlines workflows.

Finally, take your productivity from the office to the home office to the road with full-featured native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Everyday Apps

Note-Taking Tools

Mobile Apps

Team Collaboration Stay up-to-the-minute on the latest & greatest intel.

No more wondering whether you are acting on the latest intel. VerityRMS integrations with chat & messaging platforms instantly connect teams to the best ideas — in the moment.

Notifications are delivered instantly within the app. Alerts can automatically be delivered via Slack, Outlook, Teams, or others.

Integrations with cloud storage providers ensure Excel models, for example, can be accessed anywhere and opened locally.


Messaging Apps

Cloud Storage

Fund-Wide Edge Get all the context you need, from any source, in a single view.

Minimize unproductive app switching and increase speed to insights by bringing data from any source into VerityRMS.

Track consensus estimates and review price targets alongside your team’s price targets,  combine external ESG data with your proprietary data , or author notes while listening to live earnings calls.

Need advanced data visualization? VerityRMS has built-in graphs & charts. But you can also embed apps like Tableau and PowerBI into tearsheets and dashboards.

CRM integrations allow you to integrate all your records with a like-for-like view. If you don’t have a CRM, use VerityRMS as your system of record to manage custom data tables, contact records, and stage by stage pipelines.

Data Providers

Data Visualization Tools


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