How Funds Synchronize at Scale With Shared Calendars in VerityRMS

A new calendar feature helps teams stay in sync across earnings calls, conferences, meetings with company management, and — for one global firm — a growing number of ESG engagements.

Verity Editorial Team
October 4, 2023

As firms get larger, it becomes increasingly difficult — and increasingly essential — to keep everyone on the same page. It’s with this challenge in mind that the VerityRMS development team continues to ship features that help investment teams scale intelligently and productively.

A recent VerityRMS enhancement is a calendar feature that helps firms stay synchronized by providing a line of sight into:

  • Important management meetings.
  • Industry conferences.
  • Upcoming earnings calls.

In this blog, we’ll show how the VerityRMS calendar works and highlight how one firm is using it as the source of truth for all ESG engagement activities.

“We’ve found the calendar capabilities, combined with the VerityRMS Zoom, Office, and native mobile app integrations, have made the system incredibly easy for teams to adopt.”

Sarah May
Verity Customer Success

How the VerityRMS Calendar System Works

The VerityRMS calendar is not so much a personal planner as it is a shared calendar across the team. If your team uses Outlook, they can create the events in Outlook, which will synchronize to VerityRMS. At the same time, create the event in VerityRMS and it will show up in your Outlook calendar.

Importantly, the VerityRMS calendar feature lets users tag events to companies in their coverage universe, which enables firms to aggregate all their knowledge on a specific topic. For example, you might have a meeting with an Apple executive and/or notes from an Apple earnings call on your calendar that will show up when anyone on your team searches AAPL.

See what your team has planned: The VerityRMS calendar gives transparency into team events.

Tag your meetings & events to keep them organized and discoverable.

Adopted by a Global Multi-Strategy Firm for Better ESG Engagement Tracking

For one global multi-strategy firm, the new VerityRMS calendar has completely replaced their company’s homegrown calendar and become integral to their expanding ESG process.

With the VerityRMS calendar, they can share events widely or with smaller groups, making it a true firm-wide system of source for reporting on engagements. Plus, the ESG-related features within VerityRMS provide the reporting they need today while allowing them to evolve and mature as more of their funds deepen that focus.

Combining the calendar with core VerityRMS research features, they can also accurately tie notes and ESG insights directly to the events that generated them, removing manual work and inaccuracies created by aggregating multiple sources and formats in the past.

See VerityRMS in Action

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