Meet Boards, the New VerityRMS Feature That Helps Funds Collaborate Better

VP of Product Will Keuper explains the latest flagship feature helping funds address the need for workflow & workplace fluidity

Will Keuper, VP, Product
March 7, 2022

How does our investment team collaborate more effectively? How do we capture the debate, ideas, and conversation that go into making the best investment decisions? Especially now, with team members in separate locations?

Verity customers and prospects have asked these questions more and more over the last 24 months.

The challenge: Few investment collaboration tools let research teams truly work together without being in the same room. RMS products are typically even more limited and static. Idea generation, portfolio reviews, and investment debates, on the other hand, are never static.

Our latest answer at VerityRMS is a new feature, called Boards, to join our suite of workflow & collaboration tools.

With Boards, funds can truly capitalize on the natural fluidity of the research process and flex to evolving workplace demands.

Live Collaboration From Anywhere

Boards are a live collaboration interface in the RMS. Multiple users — analysts and portfolio managers — can exchange and debate ideas in real-time and over time without having to leave the platform.

product screenshot showing highlighted text in a document and in-line commentingWith Boards, teams can co-edit documents within VerityRMS’s secure and searchable central repository.

When to Use Boards

Portfolio Reviews: Portfolio reviews can be more seamless, effective, and actionable. Teams can dive in together.

Earnings Calls and Meetings: Analysts can collaborate and take notes on an earnings call or meeting while it is happening, without having to compare and compile notes after the fact.

Whiteboarding: Ideating and whiteboarding on new ideas and industry overviews is now more dynamic. Most importantly, that work will now sit alongside the team’s entire investment story.

product screenshot showing Boards feature using excel like formatMention, Tag, & Comment: Portfolio reviews can be more collaborative and productive with Boards.

How to Use Boards

Using boards is simple. Here’s a five-step process for getting started.

  1. Create a Board from anywhere in the nav bar, the Boards page, or within company tearsheets.
  2. Share with collaborators, @mention your colleagues, and get to work in one click.
  3. Tag your Board how you want — just like Notes.
  4. Collaborate with team members via in-line commenting, ‘review’ and ‘approval’ modes, dynamic checklists, and more.
  5. Save your work: Boards auto-save, and are stored in a devoted tab, in company and industry tearsheets, and can be exported directly to a Note.

Bottom Line

In the post-Covid world, investors expect a research management system to be a boon to productivity and empower teams to generate better ideas. Rightfully so. As we offer analysts and investment teams tools like Boards, we hope to exceed those expectations. VerityRMS Boards are an exciting step forward in our product’s journey, helping our clients work smarter and more dynamically.

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Existing VerityRMS customers: Please get in touch with your CSM to enable Boards in your instance.

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