Meet Verity: One Company, One Investment Research Platform

Verity CEO Andrew Robson offers a glimpse into the opportunities resulting from the merger and rebrand of MackeyRMS & InsiderScore into one company, one platform.

Andrew Robson, Verity CEO
November 15, 2021

How fast and well informed can an investor be? What about a team? An entire firm?

These questions have compelled our team at MackeyRMS & InsiderScore since our merger in 2021. They’ve guided our activities as we’ve designed a technology platform to support differentiated research at the speed of modern investing.

I’m proud to share the culmination of our efforts, an investment research platform called Verity.

Verity Is a New Kind of RMS Platform

Verity is a new kind of investment research management platform. One that sharpens analyst activities, supercharges workflows, and helps managers see a path forward sooner.

How does it work?

We combined a best-in-class RMS platform, MackeyRMS, with deep data and analytics from InsiderScore. Using advanced approaches and technologies such as NLP, AI and ML, the development team at Verity is enriching the platform to empower modern investment teams to do their best work.

At its core, the result is a single platform for:

  • Analysts to generate robust & differentiated ideas.
  • Asset managers to act decisively on those ideas.
  • Entire firms to collaborate better, to heighten what sets them apart in the market.

Modern RMS should bring clarity to the chaos of deciding when to act — and on what — by surfacing the right data and insights, at the right time.

Verity Is a Stake in the Ground

We believe modern RMS needs to do more than optimize workflows and simplify compliance.

Modern RMS should bring clarity to the chaos of deciding when to act — and on what — by surfacing the right data and insights, at the right time.

Investment professionals are inundated by the staggering volume of data, information, and analytics available. But, good intel is hard to find and it’s even more difficult to put it all together. Without natively integrated collaboration tools, the best ideas can be left behind. In the end, the quantity and quality of investment decisions take a hit.

Don’t get me wrong: Data is good! But for data to be great, it has to be in the right place at the right time. That’s what we are solving for at Verity.

Verity Is Just Getting Started

When I joined MackeyRMS/InsiderScore in 2021, the enormous potential in the combination of these two businesses was clear. Reborn as Verity, we have an incredibly strong foundation. And we’re just getting started.

We will continue investing in innovation, building new partnerships, and seeking out smart acquisitions to evolve our platform. And we’ll continue to layer more data and analytics to help fundamental investors make fast and informed decisions.

I can’t say how proud I am of everyone on our team who has worked tirelessly to realize this vision.

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