How GenAI Company Insights From VerityRMS Deliver Fast, Proprietary Intel From Your Firm’s Research

Investment teams get instant access to company-level insights and context sourced their firm’s proprietary research and company SEC filings.

Katya Taycher, SVP, Product & Operations
May 6, 2024
  • How has financial performance changed over the past three years?
  • What’s the investment rationale?
  • What are the top risks?

In the past, getting the answers to questions like these took significant effort. The intensive process of searching, reading, analyzing, and writing took time.

It now takes seconds.

In this article, I’ll share how we’ve expanded on previous AI innovations in VerityRMS with a new capability that gives portfolio managers and analysts a shortcut to proprietary insights that can often be buried in or distributed among hundreds even thousands of research notes and documents.

How It Works: GenAI Company Insights

Designed by research analysts, GenAI Company Insights give investment teams instant access to critical company-level insights and context sourced from a combination of their firm’s proprietary research and company SEC filings. The insights are embedded on VerityRMS tearsheets. For transparency, clickable sources are cited at the bottom of each answer, allowing you to dive in further.

Sourced From Your Proprietary Research

One of the advantages of this feature is that you’re able to work directly with content stored within your RMS. Unlike other AI services, there are no extra steps to integrate with your existing data infrastructure. It’s an integrated and efficient way to discover insights beyond using the search feature in the RMS.

Enriched With 10-K and 10-Q Filings

The answers you get are enriched with relevant content from the company’s 10-K and 10-Q filings for US-based firms. Verity tech is identifying the most relevant content through a comprehensive search and then uses AI to analyze it and produce your tailored summaries. The method makes sure the answers are both relevant and reflective of the nuanced understanding of your team’s investment research.

Engineered by Financial Experts

The AI answers are crafted through custom prompts written by Verity financial experts who have worked extensively with AI, investment data, and SEC filings. While the feature comes with a dozen pre-packaged questions which have been designed and vetted by our experts,  you can add your own prompts and questions easily.

Bottom Line

GenAI Company Insights is the latest AI-powered feature on our roadmap, and the first allowing portfolio managers to interact with and draw insights from their proprietary research.

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Katya Taycher, SVP, Product & Operations

Katya Taycher is Senior Vice President of Product & Operations at Verity. In her product development career spanning over two decades, she has worked closely with global fund managers to solve pressing problems through innovation & technology. She graduated from MIT and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

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