What’s New in VerityRMS? | July 2024

With better AI, UI, dashboards, and more, VerityRMS continues to make it easier for investment teams to do their best work faster.

Verity Editorial Team
July 9, 2024

We’ve made many improvements to VerityRMS over the past 3 months — from innovations like a new GenAI feature to better dashboards to faster note importing. Keep reading to learn about how we’re making the platform easier to use, customize, and get insights from.

GenAI Company Insights

How can GenAI be used on your firm’s crown jewel — its intellectual property? This quarter, we introduced GenAI Company Insights, which leverage GenAI to help investment teams answer company-level questions using data from your research notes and relevant company filings like 10-K/Q.

[Click for Full Image] What’s the investment rationale? What are the top risks? Let GenAI elevate answers for your pressing questions.

GenAI Company Insights offer:

  • Proprietary Intel: Get quick information from your firm’s notes and company filings.
  • Citations for Transparency: The findings are cited so you can dive deeper.
  • Configurable Prompts: Tailor questions and answers to your needs.
  • Trusted Questions Library: Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our library of around 20 trusted questions, engineered by our AI financial experts.

Better Dashboards

Dashboards are the second-most visited page in VerityRMS after Notes. Commonly, VerityRMS dashboards are used by portfolio managers to aggregate analyst, third party, and internal data into a single view for faster decision-making. We’re continuing to make them more useful and easier to use.

[Click for Full Size Image] See more of what you need. Instantly. The highly popular dashboards in VerityRMS are now more interactive and customizable.

Recent enhancements include:

  • In-Dashboard Search: You can now query your dashboards with keyword searches.
  • New ‘Card’ Widget: Improve data visualization with this versatile new widget.
  • Single-Number Widgets: Get quick insights with single-number summaries.
  • Improved Cell Selection/Copy: For improved data manipulation within the dashboard.

Modern Look & Feel

We are refreshing our UI/UX throughout 2024 to ensure a modern, cohesive look and feel.

The improved search bar (across top) puts content at your fingertips while the sidebar (left side) now includes folders and item groupings to help you stay efficient and organized.

Recent enhancements include:

  • Configurable Color & Fonts: Now you can customize VerityRMS to the look and feel of your firm’s brand.
  • Improved Search Bar: Streamlining the search experience for better efficiency.
  • Sidebar Organization: Use folders and item groupings within the navigation for faster access and better organization.
  • Linked Notes: Analysts can now link notes to other notes for added context during the authoring process.

Ticker & Tag Updates

With improvements to the Security Master, it’s now easier than ever to get and stay organized across the companies your firm follows.

Keep your research organized and discoverable with tag & ticker options now available via the No-Code Toolkit.

Enhancements include:

  • Automated Duplicate Merging: Simplifying data management by merging duplicate entries (e.g., AAPL / AAPL US).
  • New Tag Types: Introducing new tag types for better categorization (e.g., public equity).
  • Migration to S&P: Transitioning from Refinitiv to S&P for enhanced data reliability.
  • Daily Company Name Refreshes: Ensuring up-to-date information with daily updates.
  • Ticker Updates for US Corporate Actions: Automating ticker updates, with non-US actions coming soon.

Faster Note Importing

The Bulk Note Importer feature lets firms quickly create notes from historical documents.

  • Single-Click Import: Streamline the import process with a single-click import action.
  • Historical File Conversion: Easily convert historical files into VerityRMS notes.
  • Tag and Note Type Assignment: Enabling bulk assignment of tags and note types for better organization.

What’s Next

As we move into the second half of 2024, we look forward to ongoing enhancements and innovations that continue to make VerityRMS the preferred investment research management system for fundamental investors. As always, we welcome customer feedback as it is the core driver in our roadmap and product development. In H2 2024, customers can expect further enhancements in the following areas: 

  • GenAI in VerityRMS – Building on our existing AI toolkit, clients can expect more open-ended chat and Q&A.
  • UI/UX Redesign – we will continue to rollout our web interface updates and improvements throughout the year.
  • New workflow configuration and end-user customization capabilities. 
  • Security Master enhancements and updates and more! 

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