Microsoft Teams Integration

VerityRMS for Teams is a two-way integration between Microsoft Teams and the RMS. The integration enables users to receive RMS alerts in Teams, search the RMS from within Teams, and create RMS notes from within Teams. To install, please get in touch with Verity support or your CSM, who can help with best practices and finalizing setup. Verity will need your TenantID from your firm’s Teams.

The Verity add-in is available in the Teams Apps Store – just search VerityRMS. Once installed, first must log-into your Verity account. Launch the VerityRMS Bot, and you will be redirected to log-in with your username and password (SSO users will be redirected).

Once logged-in, you can start using the RMS Bot. Based on your configuration, notes can/will automatically start flowing to relevant Teams channels, based on tag, note type, author and more (speak with your CSM to discuss requirements). Further, users will find the VerityRMS Bot located on the conversation toolbar. Click the Bot icon to search your RMS by keyword(s) – click any result to save the note to the relevant chat/channel. If you wish to submit a note to the RMS from Teams, click + on the RMS Bot. Or, click the ellipsis on any existing chat, and users will find Create Note located in ‘More Actions’.

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