Feature Focus: How VerityRMS Uses GenAI to Enhance Analyst Productivity

Find out how generative AI features in VerityRMS are offering productivity gains to analyst workflows.

Katya Taycher, SVP, Product & Operations
October 5, 2023

Generative AI brings benefits to investment teams all over the world. At Verity, however, we believe that firms able to apply it to their own IP will be the ones to truly capitalize on the opportunities that exist. 

With that in mind, I’m going to share how we’ve begun to implement generative AI through three new features within the VerityRMS research management system.

These features, made possible by Verity’s secure integration with OpenAI, make creating and consuming research content more productive. 

Rapid-Filling Research Note Templates

By standardizing your team’s research with a variety of note templates, an RMS helps firms speed analyst workflows. The fields within a template deliver other benefits. For example, they can then populate dashboards that give portfolio managers more real-time decision-making power.

Now, with GenAI, analysts can reduce manual data entry in this process. VerityRMS automatically extracts content from the note body and enters it into the required fields in the template.

Tagging Research Notes

Part of what makes an RMS so successful is how it organizes content by adding metadata, like tags, that helps analysts find and/or discover related research.  

Naturally, one of the first opportunities we saw with generative AI was in helping analysts by auto-tagging research notes. 

When an analyst authors a research note, GenAI can quickly parse the content and apply the necessary company tags.

Tags noting company tickers (top) were automatically added after parsing the text in the analyst’s note.

GenAI Summaries 

Since summarization is a core strength of generative AI, we’ve taken advantage of it within VerityRMS. 

As an analyst, you want to make it easy for colleagues and your portfolio manager to understand the core points and highlights of your research. But it can take a lot of time. 

Now, analysts can include brief summaries generated by AI. They can also easily edit and update those summaries for accuracy. 

An AI-generated summary (top) saves analyst time and helps PMs act faster on research.

What’s Next 

GenAI-enabled tags, summaries, and template assistance are three of the latest features introduced in VerityRMS that make it easier for analysts to focus on what matters: alpha generation.

We’re excited to build on these features in the months to come — as we continue to layer in AI to further optimize how investment teams transform their proprietary research into actionable insights. 

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Katya Taycher, SVP, Product & Operations

Katya Taycher is Senior Vice President of Product & Operations at Verity. In her product development career spanning over two decades, she has worked closely with global fund managers to solve pressing problems through innovation & technology. She graduated from MIT and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

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