[WATCH] How Portfolio Managers Use a Portfolio Overview Dashboard in VerityRMS

Find out how portfolio managers with VerityRMS are aggregating intel from their analysts alongside data from other strategic sources for more efficient decision-making.

Alex Kreutter, Customer Success, VerityRMS
February 26, 2024

Every investment manager has different strategies and mandates to execute within their portfolio construction process. With VerityRMS, managers can easily monitor and report on those processes to better achieve their client mandates.

Whether it’s idea generation, consistent outputs for position monitoring, or learning lessons as you exit a holding, VerityRMS makes it easy to accomplish these tasks. Portfolio managers can make sure processes are followed, identify where risk or opportunity may exist, and get a more complete picture of their portfolios.

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Watch the video to learn how portfolio managers are getting quicker clarity by aggregating analyst-generated data (model data, investment notes, and more) with data from other strategic sources, including data from your portfolio management software as well as fundamental market data available as part of Verity’s partnership with S&P Global.

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Alex Kreutter, Customer Success, VerityRMS

Alex Kruetter is a customer success representative at Verity. An investment research associate for the first decade of his career, Alex has since been helping investment teams at major firms improve efficiency and decision-making — first as a member of the buy side and now with leading technology vendors.

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