Feb 13, 2024

GenAI Offers Promise, Complexity for Research Management

A recent article from Waters Technology dove into the challenges and opportunities of developing GenAI features that help institutional investors manage their research process.

Through interviews with a range of consultants and research management system leaders, including Verity CEO Andrew Robson, the article explored the ways GenAI is revolutionizing the way research is conducted. From summarizing documents to answering questions more efficiently than ever before, GenAI is proving useful to research teams in a number of areas.

In the article, Verity CEO Andrew Robson shared that he sees this as a move from the third-generation RMS to the fourth.

“Based on a lot of new developments in technology like generative AI, we’re starting to have more and more tools at our disposal to allow the RMS to be more proactive in highlighting insights and enabling better discovery."

Andrew Robson
Verity CEO

The article also highlighted the current risks of GenAI, such as hallucination — a limitation well-understood by Verity product teams who are delivering GenAI features that play to its current strengths.


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